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All the games on this website are from my personal collection. All are complete with the original box and paperwork and fully functional.

I started collecting in 1995. Four years later the first version of this website started with less than 100 games. In 2000 the book Electronic Plastic was published and 2 editions sold very well worldwide. Now the collection features more than 900 games, and is almost complete.

The main object is to show the large variety of games. All trying to get the most out of the simple electronics of the early 1980s. Produced for only a short period from 1976 to 1985, the introduction of the Nintendo Gameboy in 1989 closed off the era. All games have a unique display and custom programming. Only one game can be played.

All in all excellent toys that illustrate the colors and spirit of the time of walkmans, digital watches, star wars, sneakers and the Space Shuttle.

Photo by Mareen Fischinger (2008) Photo by Benne Ochs (2005) Photo by Benne Ochs (2005) Photo by Alexander Basta (2005)

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My name is Jaro Gielens. Born in 1971 in Eindhoven (Netherlands), living in Düsseldorf (Germany) since 1996. I work as freelance interaction and web designer. Studied arts and interaction design. Playing video games since 1981. Happily married and father of a 24 year old kid.

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